Julie L. Berry
Product Designer
Front-End Developer
Multimedia Artist

Hello. I'm Julie.

I'm a multidisciplinary product designer, developer and multimedia artist currently living in Portland, Oregon.

My career background is in complex medical device design, development and technical support.

Oh, and I've also been a nuclear reactor operator, an electronics technician and a zookeeper.

Because, why not?


I am passionate about understanding complex systems and about making those systems accessible to people of varying levels of technical ability.

I believe my responsibility as a designer is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the product and how it impacts everyone who interacts with it; both inside and outside of the company that develops it.

A designer must hold the concurrent mindsets of a product owner, a cross-functional team member and a user advocate. This requires that a designer be multidisciplinary; they must be able to become proficient in and communicate effectively across multiple knowledge areas.

A selection of projects I've been involved with can be found on the Design tab of my Portfolio.


I'm a self-taught multimedia artist with work that tends toward fantasy and allegorical themes...although I usually just draw what comes to mind on any given day.

I love anything weird and unusual and I believe the world needs more people putting their weird and usual things into it.

Many of my most recent paintings are a combination of pencil or charcoal drawings which I then paint digitally using Procreate on my iPad Pro. I love the flexibility working in digital media on an iPad Pro gives me, both with respect to the tools themselves and to the fact that I can work from anywhere, not just in my studio.


Julie L. Berry
Philogry Creative, LLC.
Portland, OR